Specially organized services can be activated for customers staying in our holiday homes.


  • Stroll along the CAI tracks starting from the Borgo
  • Visit to the Sassi di Roccamalatina Regional Park and Pieve di Trebbio
  • Chestnut and Birch Wood Museum in Zocca
  • Escursioni a cavallo  (Maneggio a Savigno)
  • The castle of Vignola
  • Ferrari Museum in Maranello
  • Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale Bologna
  • Visit to Bologna hystorical centre (Piazza Maggiora, Two Towers, medieval palace Re Enzo, via Pescherie vecchie Food Market)
  • Visit to Modena (Piazza Grande, Duomo with Ghirlandina Tower, Albinelli food Market)
  • Cuenca Club swimming pool in Montombraro (from 31 May to 31 August)

Our Breakfast

Every day you can order breakfast for the following day. Breakfast includes a selection of local products: jams from our orchards, eggs with local cold cuts and cheeses, fresh fruit or orange juice, coffee or cappuccino.

Cookery courses

Our cooking classes can be booked as a group activity with a minimum of 3 participants. Type of courses:

1 – LA PASTA EMILIANA, basic course of Pasta making with the production of a long pasta (Tagliatella) and a filled pasta (Tortelloni), accompanied by the traditional Bolognese Ragù.

2 – LA PASTA EMILIANA IN LASAGNA  : advanced production course of the traditional Lasagna alla Bolognese.


Courses are held on flexible days in the morning or in the afternoon and they end with a dinner-tasting of the cooked Pastas.

Wine and food

By appointment we organize visits to to producers of Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and wines in the vicinity of the Borgo.